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Lightweight panels for fast-track construciton. An ideal replacement for plywood, plasterboard, particle board and brick walls. Used for building partitions, pre-fabricated structures, mezzanine floors, and more.
Drywall substitute panels for fast-track construction
  • Excellent substitute for drywalls.
  • Pre-cured. Simple Installation. Save up to 80% of construction time.
  • Build full- and half-height partitions, prefabricated structures and mezzanine floors.
  • Build partitions, prefabricated structures and mezzanine floors.
  • Certified green by IGBC and Griha.
  • Ideal for educational institutions and hospitals.
  • Available in 50mm and 75mm sizes; and soon in 100mm as well.
  • Maximizes carpet area by reducing wall thickness.
  • Strong enough to hold air conditioners, televisions, audio equipment and other common loads.
Top 5 reasons to choose Aerocon
  1. True FiT® Technology for 100% Leak-proof Joints

    Aerocon’s CPVC pipes and fittings are designed with “TrueFiT®” technology – a first in the country, which assures a perfect fit, making them absolutely leak-proof. We manufacture our pipes and fittings with extreme care, to ensure 100% leak-proof joints. All our pipes and fittings are designed to close tolerances, with the help of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

  2. Top-notch Raw Materials to Deliver High-end Quality Products

    Aerocon’s CPVC pipes and fittings are produced from a specially formulated compound. The material used is a special, virgin, heavy metal-free chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) compound, with a Cell Classification of 23447, as per ASTM D1784.
    Our pipes and fittings meet or exceed the toxicological requirements of the RoHS, TUV and CFTRI, to ensure they are of food grade quality and safe to use for potable water.
    Aerocon’s CPVC compound exhibits a better tensile strength, Vicat Softening Temperature (VST) and ductility, unlike typical CPVC material.

  3. Uniquely Designed Corrosion-resistant Brass Fittings to Deliver High Torque-bearing Capability

    Aerocon’s CPVC corrosion-resistant trans-fitting incorporates specially designed corrosion-resistant brass inserts, which have a serrated internal brass surface with grooves of high precision and deep knurling. This ensures a far more superior torque-bearing capability. The brass threaded insert with two EPDM ‘O’ rings not only passes the thermocycling test requirements under ASTM D2846, but also exceeds the expectation.
    This innovative design ensures a very high pull-out resistance, making leakage due to thermal expansion and contraction, almost impossible. The serrated internal brass surface helps in a very strong CPVC-brass bond.

  4. Robust Manufacturing Processes and Stringent Quality Control

    Our state-of-the-art technology with automation ensures quality consistency at each level. Our Quality Control Team plays the most important role in establishing various process parameters and ensures strict quality control measures at each point, for the production of world-class products.
    Aerocon’s pipes and fittings pass more than 25 quality test before they are made ready to be delivered to customers. All the tests are conducted in our very own state-of-the-art testing labs. They are equipped with world-class testing equipment like the Torque Rheometer, Spectrophotometer, Tensile Strength Tester, Charpy Impact Tester and Thermocycling unit.

  5. A Committed Team to Help Build your Dream Project

    We are a team of highly committed and passionate professionals, dedicated to bringing you the best of eco-friendly products, with the greatest possible quality, customised to the specific needs of your dream projects.
    The team is young, driven by value and carefully chosen, with a cumulative experience of more than 100 years. The team is focused on innovating newer solutions, and we achieve that by paying attention to every detail of every customer.