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  • Higher Bond Strength: NATIONAL TMT incorporates ribs that are cut by the Automatic Rib cutting Machines producing uniform ribs. This results into the bars that have an excellent bonding with the concrete.
  • Superior Weldability: Lower carbon content in the NATIONAL TMT ensures better weldability than the conventional cold twisted bar.
  • Bending: The tough outer surface and soft core of the NATIONAL TMT, results in a rebar with an excellent bendability. The bar can be bent around the mandrels that are much smaller than those specified in IS 1786. This results in an enhanced speed at the sites.
  • Higher Corrosion Resistance Properties: NATIONAL TMT is being produced through TMT Tempcore (crm Belgium) Process, therefore there are no torsional residual stresses in the bars. This results into a superior corrosion resistance characteristic.
  • Close Dimensional Tolerance: NATIONAL TMT comes with an optimum section weight which is lower than the nominal. Superior Seismic Resistance Characteristics: Concrete beams, columns and joints reinforced with the NATIONAL TMT are subjected to a repeated reverse loading in elastic strains to evaluate the performance, thus they simulate conditions which are similar to earthquake. The bars in these tests have been proven for maintaining the uniformity and ductility till failure.